Design & Development

Agricultural Engineer (Design & Development) is head of this division and performs the following research activities with the help of Assistant Agricultural Engineers and supporting staff to:

  • Coordinate overall design related activities of the institute.

  • Study designs of local/imported farm machines to select the most appropriate design for the local adaptation and production.
  • Prepare low cost designs of improved/modified farm machines
  • Select the most appropriate material for critical components of various  farm machines

Fabrication & Workshop

Agricultural Engineer (F&W) AMRI Multan is head of this division and carry out the following activities:

  • Procure appropriate material for workshop use

  • Fabricate prototypes designed by research engineers
  • Modify the prototypes as per recommendations of research engineers

To undertake fabrication jobs, AMRI is adequately equipped with fabrication workshop at Multan and Faisalabad. The workshop facilities are used to fabricate newly designed prototypes, to modify/improve the prototypes and to provide R&M facilities/services for the vehicles and hard ware belonging to AMRI.


Test & Trial

Agricultural Engineer (Test & Trial) is in-charge of this division and carry out testing of AMRI designed locally produced and imported agricultural machinery/implements under local field conditions and suggest necessary modifications for their improvement.



Agronomist is head of the agronomy division and conducts mechanization related trials of major crops, coordinate and assist test and trial activities of AMRI designed as well as imported machinery/implements and fix priorities of agronomic research by consulting research organizations & farmers.


Experimental Research Farm

Experimental farms for conducting research experiments are being maintained at Multan and Faisalabad.

Statistical Section

This section is headed by a Junior Statistician who conducts surveys for data collection, compilation, analysis, preparation of reports and collaborate AMRI Test & Trial section during demonstrations.

Economics Section

This section is headed by Assistant Agricultural Economist and conduct economic surveys & studies. Also conduct studies regarding impact of AMRI developed prototypes and other farm mechanization related activities.

Instrumentation Section

AMRI is maintaining an instrumentation laboratory. At present, this section is headed by Agricultural Engineer (T&T) who provides instrumentation support services and facilities for R&D work with the help of laboratory technicians.

Testing Laboratory

For conducting R&D, AMRI has established a testing and quality control laboratory which is adequately equipped with essential instrumentations and equipment. AMRI has also developed several useful gadgets for undertaking laboratory studies by simulating field conditions including sprayer testing, gauges for ginning machinery, seeders/planters testing and soil testing.