Bulldozer Hiring

Where are the Application Forms? Top
At unit supervisor’s office at Tehsils level, and at Assistant Agricultural Engineer (Field) office at District Headquarter                                       (Download Application Form)  
What are Information Channels? Top
Any of the above offices throughout Punjab.  
What is the Eligibility Criteria? Top
Any farmer/citizen, resident of Punjab. Holding some piece of agriculture land (ownership or leased).  
What type of documentation is required? Top
Only the land possession document i.e.  “Fard Milkiat” or proof of any lease.  
What type of approval is required (Authority)? Top
Approval of the concerned office is sufficient for carrying out the agricultural work. For non-agricultural work, sanction from higher office is required.  
What are the Fee/Tax/Levies/Hire rates? Top

Rs. 560/- per machine hour for small farmers.
Rs. 100/- per hour, supported with HSD provision by farmers.
Rs. 650/- per hour, supported with HSD provision by farmers.

What is the payment mechanism? Top
To get challan form from office duly filled.
To deposit into govt. treasury/ National Bank.
What is the process details (work flow description)? Top
The challan of deposited amount will be retained at the office and entered on “Priority Register”.
To remain in contact with the office till the bulldozer is spared from earlier job.
What will be the Turn Around Time?  
What will be the Delivery Mechanism? Top
Bulldozer to be shifted by marching in nearby locality.
To be transported on loader/ truck in remote areas, on prescribed charges.
Where is the Grievance / Complaint can be recorded? Top
The concerned offices at tehsil / district Level
The agricultural engineer of the concerned division
The director, agricultural engineering of the concerned region
The director general agriculture (field) Punjab, Lahore
Are rates pertain to clock hour or else? Top
These pertain to the Meter hour, fitted over the bulldozer duly sealed, to be checked by the farmer daily till completion of his booking.  
What are the non-agriculture rates? Top
Rs. 2750/- per hour & diesel will be provided by the department and Rs.1280/- per hour alongwith supply of diesel by the user  
For how many hours, a bulldozer can be booked? Top
No limit, except a maximum of 500 hours in an year, extendable under special circumstances, by the higher authority.  
What is the time required for leveling of one acre? Top
Average time for a cultivated land = 4 to 5 hours;
For new Development of Waste Land = 10 to 15 hours.
When does the bulldozer hour start? Top
Right from the start of the engine of bulldozers, whether standing idle or operational.