ERM Service

Where are the Application Forms available? Top
From any office of the Assistant Agricultural Engineer of the district concerned.
(Download Application Form)
What are Information Channels? Top
As above.
Agriculture helpline 0800-17000 (free of charges).
What is the Eligibility Criteria? Top
Any farmer possessing his land.  
What type of documentation  is required? Top
Nil, except the application form.  
What type of approval is required (Authority)? Top
The Assistant Agricultural Engineer (W.D)/Incharge of the district.  
What are the Fee/Tax/Levies/ Hire rates? Top
Rs.3900/- for each survey for agricultural purpose.
Rs.5070/- for each survey for non-agriculture/ commercial purposes.
What is the payment mechanism? Top
Getting bank challan form, duly filled in from the office and depositing into govt. treasury / national bank.  
What is the process details (work flow description)? Top
Depositing back the challan (after remittance) to the office and awaitiing the turn.
Presence of farmer at site on the survey occasion.
Obtaining survey result in 3-4 days time.
What will be the Turn Around Time? Top
Within week.  
What will be the Delivery Mechanism?  
Accompany the Resistivity Meter / instruments by the officer incharge of survey, himself under his responsibility.  
Where is the grievance / complaint can be recorded? Top
The agricultural engineer (Well Drilling) of the region concerned.
The director, agricultural engineering of the region concerned.
The director general agriculture (field) Punjab, Lahore.
What is resistivity meter? Top
An electronic instrument, to work on the principal of finding out resistance of the deep ground water layer.  
To what extent the prediction is correct? Top
From 80-85 % correct assessment assured.  
How much area required for ERM survey? Top
About 200 meter each side from survey point/site.  
In what type of land, survey is possible? Top
Without any building / road, dry land, free of any high voltage wires / poles.