Well Drilling

Where are the Application Forms available? Top
From any office of the Assistant Agricultural Engineer of the district concerned.
(Download Application Form)
What are Information Channels? Top
From offices of the Drilling Supervisor / Assistant Agricultural Engineers (Well Drilling) of the District concerned.  
What type of documentation  is required? Top
Only the application form, and the bank challan form (duly depositing the prescribed boring fee).  
What type of approval is required (Authority)? Top
Approval of the concerned office is sufficient for carrying out the agricultural work. For non-agricultural work, sanction from higher office is required.
What are the Fee/Tax/Levies/Hire rates? Top
For Hand Boring Plants; varying from Rs. 5/ per foot to Rs. 30/ per foot according to size of bore.
For Power Drilling Rigs, Variable from Rs. 149/per foot to Rs. 496/- per foot according to size of bore.
Power Winch @ Rs. 13/- per foot.
Air Compressor @ Rs.50/- per hour & diesel will be provided by the user.
What is the payment mechanism? Top
Getting bank challan form from office, duly filled in. Depositing the challan into government treasury / National Bank.  
What is the process detail (work flow description)? Top
Submitting the deposited challan, back to the office of Drilling Supervisor / Assistant Agricultural Engineer (Well Drilling)
Remain in contact with the office, to receive the instructions for shifting of the Hand Boring Plant / Power Drilling Rig.
What will be the Turn Around Time? Top
On turn (within the month).  
What will be the Delivery Mechanism? Top
Hand boring plant: transferring the drilling pipes etc. by the farmer, from the previous site of work.
Power drilling rig: Self driven vehicle / Rig to reach the site itself.
What is the Grievance Redressal Mechanism / Complaint mechanism? Top
Office of Agricultural Engineer (W.D) of the Region concerned.
Office of Director Agricultural Engineering of the Region concerned.
The Director General Agriculture (F) Punjab, Lahore.
Boring Depth by Handing boring plants? Top
Upto 250 Ft. safely, according to strata.  
Boring Depth for power drilling rig? Top
Upto 500 ft, varying according to underground strata / rocks.  
Bore sizes available? Top
Hand Boring Plants = From 7’’ diameter to 18’’ dia.
Power drilling rigs = From 8’’ dia to 24’’ dia.