Future Plans

Field Wing of Agriculture Department undertakes activities to achieve the overall objectives of Sustainable Agricultural Development through vertical as well as horizontal approach. The Field Wing through different activities is striving to help the nation not only to attain self-sufficiency in food production but also to export the surplus agricultural commodities to earn foreign exchange. Following are the future plans to achieve the objectives:

  • Procurement of new bulldozers to accelerate land development activities
  • Induction of new power drilling rig for the strengthening of well drilling services
  • Promotion of farm mechanization for enhancing agriculture production
  • Rehabilitation of degraded lands in barani areas of Punjab through soil conservation measures and water resource development including soil erosion control measures in southern areas of Punjab
  • Upgradation of agricultural engineering, workshops for provision of efficient services
  • Agricultural engineering extension & tubewells advisory services to provide technical support at door step to the farmers
  • Introduction and promotion of high technology tools (GIS/GPS) for planning, monitoring and evaluation