The Field Wing of Agriculture Department is providing engineering services to the farmers and other stakeholders in the areas including land leveling / development, well drilling, soil & water conservation, research & development related to agriculture machinery with highly skilled labor. The department is also maintaining agricultural engineering workshops throughout the Punjab for repair & maintenance of bulldozers, well drilling machinery and transport vehicles. Beside repair & maintenance of departmental machinery and equipment, this service is also available to the farmers for their farm machinery and equipment.
Agricultural machinery is of special importance in increasing agriculture yields and production as it improves the quality of work, enables carrying out work on schedule and reduces labor. Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute (AMRI), Multan is undertaking R&D for low cost & appropriate agricultural machinery and farm mechanization technologies. The institute is providing industrial extension service to the local agricultural machinery manufactures for production of standardized and quality machinery and implements. It also provides technical assistance to other government departments for selection and procurement of agricultural machinery & equipment. The major activities of the department are listed below: