Adoption of Advance Technology

At present, no machinery is available in the field for proper management of mango trees through pruning, corn picking, vegetable seeding, vegetable nursery transplanting, fodder cutting cum chopping and silage baling. The conventional and manual operations are tedious and cost intensive. There is a dire need to mechanize such operations which are still either manual or inefficient farm machinery is being used. The project carries immense importance and is need of the growers of mango, maize, fodder and vegetable.


The overall goal of the project is to boost up the agriculture production and alleviate labor drudgery through introduction and adaptation of new farm mechanization technologies. The specific objectives are.  
  • To test and evaluate the following imported machines & implements under local conditions;
    • Mango Pruner (Tractor Mounted)
    • Corn Picker (Tractor Mounted)
    • Mechanical Vegetable seeder
    • Vegetable Nursery Transplanter
    • Fodder Cutter Cum Chopper
    • Silage Baler cum wrapper
  • To demonstrate the modern technologies to end users for its larger scale introduction and promotion.
  • To guide the agricultural machinery manufactures for local development of the above imported machines & implements through reverse engineering.

Brief Description 

Mango Pruner (Tractor Mounted)  

The use of proposed mango tree pruning machine will help the farmers to overcome the pruning problem which will lead to yield increase, control tree size, disease control and ultimately increased income for the farmers.

A tractor operated mango pruner which is useful for pruning the trees and can do top dressing as well. The machine is mounted on tractor and gets drive from hydraulic system. It can be attached to any tractor of size 40hp and above. The blades are made of carbon steel.  


Corn Picker (Tractor Mounted)

The mechanized picking is required to up lift the maize crop in the maize production area.  AMRI intends to introduce new mechanization technology for corn picking to reduce picking losses at the farm level. This mechanization aspect will result in higher yield and better crop return to the farmers.

The proposed machine is mounted on the tractor 3 point linkage. The picking is achieved by two contra rotating shafts which grip the maize stalk and snap off the cobs as the machine is driven forwards. The cobs are lifted by the flights of the elevating section and are dropped into a trailer which is towed behind the machine. Picking height is adjustable to enable low lying crops to be collected. Width between lines is adjustable from 0.75 to 1m wide.


Mechanical Vegetable Seeder

Most of the vegetable are sown manually which is laborious, costly and time consuming. Mechanical Vegetable Seeder is used for planting onion, carrot, lettuce, spinach and similar small seeds of vegetables. Disk system provides a fine adjustment of row and seed distance. Minimum seed distance is 2 cm and minimum row distance is 17 cm.


Vegetable Nursery Transplanter

At present vegetable nursery is manually transplanted.  AMRI intends to introduce a new farm mechanization technology for vegetable nursery transplanting to the farmers. This mechanization aspect will result in better crop yield at the farm level.

The vegetable nursery transplanter have wider 3” shoe. This machine can be used as a single row or a multi-row system on a toolbar with rows as close as 22” apart. It utilizes positive spacing float wheel drive front hitch, which also prepares the soil in front of each unit.


Fodder Cutter cum Chopper 

Fodder is used to feed livestock. Increasing trend of livestock has forced to grow more fodder to feed animals. In the production process of fodder, manual harvesting is time consuming and difficult task. In order to overcome this problem AMRI intends to import fodder cutter cum chopper (Double Row) for its promotion and adaption.

The fodder cutter has to chop stems and cobs perfectly and its feeding system is designed to feed the flywheel at right angles for the best quality silage. The flywheel is equipped with 10 especially hardened knives revolving at nearly 1600 rpm. There are two feeder drums and two pressure rollers that control the feeding of the maize to the flywheel. One of the pressure rollers is spring loaded and toothed; the other one is not. The pressure rollers are vertically mounted right behind the feeder drums so that stems and cobs are always chopped at right angles. This is the secret of the machine’s low power requirement and short length of chop.


Silage Baler cum wrapper

Animal fodder is required round the year. In order to preserve it for off season animal feeding, silage plays an important role in this regard. Silage baler cum wrapper is very useful machine for making and wrapping bales. Proper wrapping of bales retain their oxygen free condition throughout the storage period so that the silage is perfectly preserved until fed to animals.

Chopped silage and other forage mixtures can be fed directly into this new round baler and wrapped.  It is designed to be stationary, and fitted with a conveyor that feeds crop material into it. Park the baler on the edge of the field and feed silage. It will feed into a silo blower. It compresses the silage as it forms the bale, and then wraps it tightly.