Research Institute

The existing potential for increasing food production requires the application of appropriate agricultural machinery and equipment, seeds for good quality, optimum use of chemicals and fertilizers. Agricultural machinery is of special importance in increasing agriculture yields and production as it improves the quality of work, enables carrying out work on schedule and reduces labour.

Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute, Multan

The institute is undertaking R&D for low cost and appropriate agricultural machinery and farm mechanization technologies. It comprises of different sections i.e. design & development, fabrication, test & field research, agronomy, instrumentation. The institute is providing industrial extension service to the local agricultural machinery manufactures for production of standardized and quality machinery and implements through prototype development, testing & evaluating. It also imparts technical guidance to the farmers for proper selection, operation and maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment.


Research Division Faisalabad

The institute has also its Research Division at Faisalabad which is headed by Agricultural Engineer (Research) and conduct various field research experiments at Machinery Demonstration Unit (MDU) farm for testing of farm machinery.

Hydra Drill Research Section, Sargodha

Research and development of hydra drill technology which aims at introduction of low cost tubewell drilling and pumping equipment is also being executed by AMRI with its sub-station at Sargodha. Agricultural Engineer (Research) Faisalabad with the help of Assistant Agricultural Engineer (Hydra Drill) and field staff is responsible to undertake hydra drill activities.

The institute provides technical assistance to provincial and districts agriculture wings for selection and procurement of agricultural machinery & equipment. The major activities and services of the department are detailed below: