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The existing potential for increasing food production requires the application of appropriate agricultural machinery and equipment, good quality seeds, optimum use of chemicals and fertilizers. Agricultural machinery is of special importance in increasing agriculture yields and production as it improves the quality of work, enables carrying out work on schedule and reduces labour.

Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute, Multan

The Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute (AMRI) Multan being the apex body for promotion of farm mechanization in the province acting an important role in advancing agricultural mechanization research from conventional to latest technology. The institute is undertaking R&D for low cost and appropriate agricultural machinery and farm mechanization technologies. It comprises of different sections i.e. Design & Development, Fabrication & Workshop, Test & Field research, and Faisalabad Research Division. The institute is providing industrial extension services to the local agricultural machinery manufactures for production of standardized and quality machinery and implements through prototype development, testing & evaluation. It also imparts technical guidance to the farmers for proper selection, operation and maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment.


The main objectives of Institute are to develop the most appropriate agricultural machinery in accordance with the local need and to conduct the testing and holding field demonstrations, displays and exhibitions of newly introduced machinery for promotion and popularization of farm mechanization activities. The institute also imparts technical guidance to the farmers for proper selection, operation and maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment. 
AMRI with its limited resources and facilities has been able to produce and introduce a large number of Agricultural implements/machines with the associated efforts of its sub stations located at Faisalabad and Sargodha. There are number of agricultural implements including tractor drawn and hand held tools which have so far been developed and introduced. The most popular and conducive versions developed and introduced during last three years are Maize cob Harvester, Silage baler cum wrapper, Mango pruner, Sugarcane Crusher, Sugarcane loader, Stationary Fodder Chopper, Garlic Planter etc.


Research Division Faisalabad

Agricultural Engineering Research Division Faisalabad was established in 1976 to promote Farm mechanization by R&D activities. In order to streamline and coordinate R&D activities of Research Division Faisalabad, several functional divisions and supporting sections have been created including Fabrication and Workshop section and Test and Trial section. The fabrication and workshop section is not only responsible for overall development and reverse engineering of machinery/equipment but also prepare the drawings of imported machines/equipments. After development of agricultural machinery, the testing and demonstration of locally developed/imported machinery and equipments is conducted by Test and Trial section. Field Trail to evaluate the performance of machines is conducted on Machinery Demonstration Unit (MDU Farm).


Hydra Drill Research Section, Sargodha

Hydra drill is substation of AMRI functioning research and development activities regarding farm mechanization in Sargodha since 1986. Agricultural Engineer (Research) Faisalabad with the help of Assistant Agricultural Engineer Research (Hydra Drill) and field staff is responsible to undertake the substation related research activities.

Hydra drill has developed the mobile mode of precise irrigation system for resurgence of drought crops. The machinery which are devolved by hydra-drill section are namely as; Mobile sprinkler rain gun, Tractor driven double sprinkler rain gun, Hydra ram pump, Groundnut digger, Groundnut Sheller and Air blast citrus orchard sprayer. Now, prerogative of this section is to promote and introduce advance agriculture machinery thorough demonstrations at farmer’s field to upswing the farm mechanization. The innovation which has done by this section is also published in research journals. In future, this section has planned to introduce fruit orchards mechanization through P&D Project. The number of research projects which are also submitted by this section to ALP (PARC) for the mechanized citrus picking, grain drying, aerial spraying and precise watering through hose reel to the arid crop.



The institute is also providing technical assistance to the provincial and districts Agriculture Wings for selection and procurement of agricultural machinery & equipment. The major activities and services of the department are detailed below: