Water Resources Development

Timely and adequate availability of water is extremely important and pre-requisite to increase agricultural production and to ensure sustainability of agriculture. The surface water resources of Punjab are finite and potential for increasing water supplies is limited. Most of the agriculture in the Punjab is irrigated as it is the more economical and remunerative and supply more than 90% of agricultural production. The horizontal expansion in cultivated area and increased cropping intensity has resulted in a net irrigation water deficit of about 50%. In order to meet the growing irrigation water demand, the surface water supplies are supplemented through exploitation of groundwater. The groundwater has a vital role in the development of agricultural and rural economy.
For exploitation of ground water resources, Field Wing of agriculture department is maintaining Well Drilling machinery and equipment consisting of 19 power drilling rigs, 60 hand boring plants and 28 electric resistivity meters for exploration of groundwater resources. The services of well drilling machinery and equipment are provided to the farmers for agricultural purpose on subsidized rates.


How to Avail Services?

The Agricultural Engineer (Well Drilling) placed with Directors of Agricultural Engineering at Multan, Faisalabad & Lahore, controls the activity in the province. For drilling operation, the Assistant Agricultural Engineers (Well Drilling) are working at district level and Drilling Supervisors at Unit level.

For acquiring services, the farmer/beneficiary must contact concerned office personally and complete the formalities. The farmer submits an application on prescribed proforma to the Assistant Agricultural Engineer or Drilling Supervisor who is fully authorized for booking through cash deposits in government treasury and provision of the service. After making payment for the footage to be drilled with machinery, farmers are eligible to get drilling machinery. Hire rates of drilling machinery are as under:


Power Drilling Rig

Bore Size
Full Rate *
(Rs. per Foot)
 8-10 149
 12-15 217
 16-18 257
 19-20 424
 21-24 496

Hand Boring Plants

Bore Size
Full Rate *
(Rs. per Foot)
Subsidized Rate
(Rs. per Foot)
 7 17   5
 8 18   8
 10 22   11
 12 39   21
14 46   24
 16 53   27
 18 56   30

Groundwater Exploration Equipment

  • Resistivity meter
Rs. 3900/- per survey*

Energy Audit of Tubewells

Well Drilling Section of Field Wing is also conduction Energy Audit of tubewells and providing Tubewell Advisory Services to the farmers. This facility is available to the farmers free of cost.


*   30% extra is charged for non-agriculture and commercial works