For every activity, there is separate section for all the procedures/activities performed by the institute:

  • Design & Development
  • Fabrication & Workshop
  • Test and Trial
  • Farm Machinery and Equipment Display
  • Experimental Research Farm
  • Information / Publicity Section
  • Library
  • Instrumentation Section
  • Testing Laboratory

Design & Development

This division provides services to the agricultural machinery manufacturers regarding preparation of design, specifications and selection of appropriate material for critical components of farm machines. It also extends the services to the Government Departments retarding preparation of specifications of agricultural machinery and equipment for standardization.

Fabrication & Workshop

To undertake fabrication jobs, AMRI is adequately equipped with fabrication workshop at Multan and Faisalabad. The workshop facilities are used to fabricate newly designed prototypes of agriculture machinery & equipment, modify / improve the prototypes and to provide R&M facilities / services for the vehicles and hard ware belonging to AMRI.

Test and Trial

This division provides the services to test the locally produced & imported agricultural machinery / implements under local field conditions and suggest necessary modifications for their improvement. It also arranges field demonstrations of farm machinery for their promotion and displays of AMRI developed prototypes for their adaptation by the farming community.

Farm Machinery and Equipment Display

A whole range of farm machinery and equipment is being maintained at Multan and Faisalabad which is displayed permanently for the benefit of the visiting delegates, scientists, farmers, manufacturers, trainees and students.

Experimental Research Farm

Experimental farms for conducting research experiments are being maintained at Multan and Faisalabad. The services are also offered to the university students for conducting their research experiments at these farms. Biogas plants of different sizes are being maintained at Faisalabad for research and demonstration purpose.

Information / Publicity Section

This section disseminate AMRI research activities through publishing leaflets, booklets and news letters. Arranges radio & T.V. talks to highlight AMRI activities and prepare video films, photographs etc. of different local as well as imported machines / implement.


AMRI is maintaining a reference library for use of research engineers and scientists. Books borrowing service is also available for the professional staff. So for over 1600 books, journals, transactions and periodicals are available in stock.

Instrumentation Section

AMRI is maintaining an instrumentation laboratory where instrumentation support services & facilities for R&D work are extended to the AMRI Engineers, university students and agricultural machinery manufacturers.

Testing Laboratory

AMRI has established a testing and quality control laboratory which is adequately equipped with essential instrumentations & equipment. Several useful gadgets have been developed for undertaking laboratory studies by simulating field conditions including sprayer testing, gauges for ginning machinery, seeders / planters testing & soil testing.